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Texistential was an idea sparked by 'This Panda is Dancing' - a 2016 video highlighting the ease of slipping into tech habits that reward us in the short term but ultimately leave us unsatisfied. It finishes on a positive note though on how we can build tech that leads to a future that is "not all screens, but humanity advanced".

Since then, I have spoken with many people across all generations about tech habits and perceptions with a common theme emerging - we like the tech but not how it leaves us feeling. I have set out to find answers to these feelings and started with creating this platform to consolidate my research and allow others to contribute and connect. 

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Hi, I'm Sylvan, the founder of Texistential.

Like most people, I have found myself (and still do find myself) reflexively flipping my phone over to check if I have a new notification. For many years I continued to do this without thinking too much about it as it didn't seem like an issue, after all, I was just checking my phone...

It was only after graduating in 2017 that I decided that maybe this was more than an irrelevant habit and I ought to do something about it - this was the beginning of Texistential.

Initially, I researched the topic of healthy and productive tech habits to make my own time more meaningful. But, as the scale of this issue became clear to me, I realised it was essential to share the modest amount of knowledge I had acquired over the past years.

I now believe that how we decide to use technology is how we decide our future. For this reason, it is now my mission to find healthy and productive ways to reshape our relationship with technology, so it can be the force for good so many of us believe it can be.

I don't want you to think it is all doom and gloom though! I am a true believer in the positive potentials of technology - my day job with Entrepreneur First helps encourage and develop the world's most outstanding individuals to build world changing companies using their specialist knowledge in what we term 'deep tech' (basically, cutting edge technology). 

I hope you find Texistential useful, if what you have read resonates with you or you want to help, please get in touch!

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