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Helping you design purposeful, fulfilling
and enjoyable technology habits

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A toolkit to help you design positive tech habits which suit and benefit your (human) mind.

The mission of Texistential is to focus on one aspect of life today - using technology (in this case we mean smartphones, computers, etc.) and how we can work towards designing: expectations, behaviours and technologies that leave us, the human users, fulfilled, rather than 'captured' or 'addicted' as it is so easy to become.

Whilst new operating systems are designed and released each year, the human mind continues to run on 'Northern Africa 300,000BC' (the likely birthplace of modern humans) - this is a highly adaptive and powerful system but one that often misinterprets inputs of modern life (or worse, is purposefully tricked by them).

To be clear, this is not an 'anti-tech' movement but a reminder and hopefully a guide through the importance of approaching tech with a combination of excitement and caution.

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Home: About


Texistential provides a toolkit to help understand how tech influences our actions and feelings, giving you the power to take control of your relationship with technology.

By using this 'toolkit', we hope that you will be able to identify moments when tech makes you unhappy or unfulfilled, and then, rather than continuing to search for the solution further down the news feed or in the next episode, you will be able to stop before these feeling increase and reflect on the situation.

The previously mentioned toolkit will include: 

  • Tips and advice for how you or a loved one can start to use tech in a more fulfilling way

  • Summaries and links to news and research on this subject

  • Ways to find the correct support if you are worried about your own or someone else's tech habits

Dancing Pandas - a good place to start

'This Panda is Dancing' was created by 'Time Well Spent' - a pioneering movement in the humane tech space (find out more about their work on our 'Inspiration' page). 

As mentioned in 'About', this video was the starting point for Texistential and, if you haven't seen it before, it may be a good place to start your journey too. 

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